How to Integrate Your Online Presence with Your Physical Presence

    Social media is redefining what it means for sports teams to engage with their fans. You can no longer just send out an email or put up a billboard; it takes a lot more effort to make an impression. Today, the digital-physical fusion of your team’s presence is essential to successful advertising, but you may be wondering: how exactly can we make that happen?


The Basics

    There are a hundred different ways to pull your online fans into your real world events, and creating that full-spectrum experience makes events more exciting and engaging for your fans. Many sports teams hold in-venue giveaways for fans who engage with them on Twitter or Instagram. Others like to have fans tweet to vote or to request songs to play during breaks or delays. However, the only way this can happen is if your fans know who to tag or mention in their tweets or posts. Don’t be afraid to display your social media handles throughout your facilities to remind your fans that they’re part of the game day conversation and that the excitement of the game doesn’t have to stop once they leave the stadium. Your venue offers several places to display your social media information. Ask yourself where in the venue your fans are most likely to check their social media feeds and start there. Consider adding digital displays at concessions, restrooms or courtside. Here’s what Utah did to keep the conversation going with their fans.


The Social Media Suite

The Cleveland Indians established the first physical social media-only space in pro sports with their Indians Social Suite. It comes equipped with a great view of the game and free wifi courtesy of Time Warner Cable. By letting select fans do a social takeover of sorts, they create a unique engagement experience with minimal effort. From the suite, fans can live tweet with the team’s hashtag; take pictures and tag the team; and use custom snapchat filters to share the fun with their friends.


The Take Over

    Social media takeovers by a well-known influencer or celebrity can help you expand your reach to a broader audience. The Los Angeles Kings NHL team took a big gamble by asking Retta (better known to some as Donna Megel from Parks and Rec) to live tweet from a LA King’s game. She agreed, and the team’s gamble paid off bigtime. Though she didn’t directly take over the King’s media stream, Retta showed her love for the Kings to her 884,000 followers throughout one of their games. By doing so, she helped introduce many to the excitement of attending NHL games and supporting the Kings. Currently, she still live tweets games and has an ongoing relationship with the team.


    Social media can allow you to create a whole new fan experience. Whether it’s through a game day social campaign, a social media takeover by influencers, or even dedicating a unique space in your facilities to the job, you have many options. Now it’s time to figure out what will work best for you.