How Environmental Graphics Projects Enhance Your Athletic Department

The environment you inhabit says a lot about your department and what you stand for. Factors such as the color, lighting, and cleanliness of your stadium and locker rooms all impact your image. Environmental graphics can help you create an engaging atmosphere, a cohesive team identity, and a workspace that maximizes the success of your team.


1. Creating an engaging atmosphere

Your space should not only engage your players and coaches, but your fans as well. Environmental graphics can help you motivate fans to keep coming back again and again.

Over the past year Utah got an environmental graphics upgrade to almost all of their athletic facilities. Now, the campus has a fluid, holistic image for basketball, gymnastics, soccer, cross country, swimming and diving. In the basketball arena, you see images of basketball players as well as gymnasts. Likewise, they installed a display that connects fans to their social media platforms. This holistic approach not only allows fans to view and interact with the sporting event they’ve chosen to go to, but it also allows them to view and interact with other sporting events they could potentially attend.


2.  Communicating a cohesive team identity

In addition to creating an engaging atmosphere, you want a space that supports a cohesive team identity: one goal, one mindset, one united group of individuals. One fun way to do this is through a series of displays such as trophy cases and team timeline graphics that line the wall of your facilities.

At Southern Methodist University, the halls and offices of their football coaching complex utilize this tactic to a T. Along the walls you can find a mural of the head coaches, team members with athletic honors and the goals of each part of the football team. Also, they have signage of motivational quotes from games past and as well as keywords that emulate how the team should operate. All of these environmental graphics channel the whole team to their common goal.


3. Making a workspace that works for you

Getting the job done, whatever that may be, is much easier if you’re working in a place that motivates and inspires you. Oklahoma University’s Rowing Facilities do just that.

This facility’s graphics were designed specifically with rowers in mind. One of the first things student-athletes and coaches see as they walk in the building is the rowing room where the team practices. Having images of team members in action plastered on the walls helps motivate the rowers while they work out. Everything from the machinery to the graphics on the walls was put in place to encourage the team to “row like a champion.”


When handled correctly, environmental graphics can effortlessly create an engaging atmosphere, a cohesive team identity and an inspiring workspace. This will not only facilitate success between your players and your staff, it will also reinforce your relationship with your fans and will ultimately grow your department as a whole.