Funding an Environmental Graphics Project

“So how are we going to pay for it?”

Case Study: Southern Methodist University

The ushering in of a new team staff often also ushers in redefined goals. That was the case for Southern Methodist University (SMU) in 2015. The small, private school in Dallas, Texas, was known for many things such as their business and law programs, but lacked recognition for their athletics. The football team faced a few particular challenges: in addition to having a completely new staff, the program had struggled to build the team’s success.  SMU needed a way to refresh and realign their program.

How to Integrate Your Online Presence with Your Physical Presence

Social media is redefining what it means for sports teams to engage with their fans. You can no longer just send out an email or put up a billboard; it takes a lot more effort to make an impression. Today, the digital-physical fusion of your team’s presence is essential to successful advertising, but you may be wondering: how exactly can we make that happen?

How Environmental Graphics Projects Enhance Your Athletic Department

The environment you inhabit says a lot about your department and what you stand for. Factors such as the color, lighting, and cleanliness of your stadium and locker rooms all impact your image. Environmental graphics can help you create an engaging atmosphere, a cohesive team identity, and a workspace that maximizes the success of your team.

How can you take a more strategic approach to environmental graphics?

Here are three important questions to ask yourself to get the most out of your environmental graphics projects.

How the environment impacts the whole team

Almost half of percent of survey participants agreed that environmental graphics are extremely important for enhancing the overall sports experience. Powerhouse explores how enviornmental graphics can hurt and help your fans, players, coaches and recruits.

2017 Environmental Graphics Survey Report

Large-scale environmental graphics can have a huge impact on your program and the people who work within it, but big projects can be accompanied by big challenges and even bigger headaches. We surveyed 138 college athletic facilities managers, operational managers and administrators to gauge their ideas, goals and concerns.